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Wellbeing classes and workshops in Heaton Moor, South Manchester.  All sessions are led by me – Sheila Bayliss.  These sessions can help you to learn how to use mindfulness with self-kindness to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.  See class details below.

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Useful info: Classes are helpful for stress, but are not intended to support those currently experiencing a debilitating mental health condition, or severe emotional distress.  All sessions are for adults only (18 years+).  There’s more info at the bottom of this page in the section called ‘Is This Approach Suitable For Your Needs?‘, or click to read it here.  Most of my sessions are suitable for beginners aswell as those with some experience of meditation, apart from the occasional meditation morning for regulars – see session descriptions below to check.

Go to the About page to find out more about my approach and my own experience.  If you’re not in the Manchester area but would like to attend a mindfulness course – this link might be helpful.

I am really grateful to have found Sheila and I recommend anyone searching for mindfulness to contact herEverything was within my comfort zone with no pressure. Mindfulness skills have helped me relax my busy mind and get better sleep.”

“I have been going to Sheila’s classes for around 1 year and have found her inspirational. She has helped me change the way I think… I am much calmer now”

For a quick read about the benefits of some of the practices I share – here’s a popular blog post of mine 10 Ways Mindfulness Has Made Me Happier


‘Kindness + Courage’ workshop series – Autumn 2018

BOOKING ESSENTIAL as places are limited to 12 per workshop (these Saturday workshops do sometimes get fully booked)

Open to all levels – no prior experience of mindfulness, meditation or self-kindness is required; the sessions are also suitable for those who already have a practice and would like to continue to develop further.

Location: all workshops take place at The Heatons Centre in Heaton Moor

Cost: £25 for each workshop

How we cope with difficulty is often characterised by the habitual patterns we have developed.  These habits can be mental, emotional or behavioural tendencies – for example trying to control things, criticising ourselves or attempting to ignore what’s happening (or some other way of reacting when life is challenging).  Eventually, these strategies start to feel ineffective and exhausting.  This is often what brings people to my workshops:  they are ready to let go of limiting patterns and create positive change.  You can read about my own journey towards this kind of change in this blog.

This series of workshops combines mindful coaching tools with a meditation-based approach to help you explore your own experience, and move towards change at your own pace.  Over the course of all 3 sessions, I will share a 6-step process for building emotional confidence and discovering new possibilities.  This process is built around tools that encourage reflection and self-awareness – after each session you will receive a handout and links to meditation recordings, so that you can continue working with these practices at home. 

You can book for any of these workshops as a stand-alone session, or you can book for all 3 to create a more comprehensive series. The sessions will include a mixture of ideas to use in your life, guided meditation and discussion.  Each workshop date and content description is given below.

Workshop 1: ‘Self-Kindness For Resilience’ – Saturday 20th October, 10am till 1pm

If you believe you can only be happy once you’ve changed in some way – then self-kindness may be the missing link in your wellbeing toolkit.  In this session I’ll explain why self-kindness is crucial for resilience, and share a tool which can help you build this powerful skill.  We will also look at the practice of ‘Choosing the Positive’, which can help you move forward when you encounter challenging situations.

Workshop 2: ‘Awareness As Change’ – Saturday 3rd November, 10am till 1pm

When we bring compassionate awareness to our habits, a process of change begins naturally, without us needing to force ourselves to be different.  Mindfulness is in large part about recognising mental and behavioural habits, and making different choices.  In this session we will look at how mindfulness can help you build a clearer picture of your own limiting patterns.   We will also explore a tool to encourage you in letting go of draining habits that you would like to change.

Workshop 3: ‘Living With Confidence’ – Saturday 17th November, 10am till 1pm

This workshop can be booked as a stand-alone session,  but you will get more out of it if you have attended the previous 2 workshops in this series, or already have a mindfulness practice.  Once we’ve become aware of our own patterns, how do we open to new possibilities?  This requires a capacity I call ‘emotional confidence’, and in this session we will look at ways to gradually grow this capacity, with courage and kindness.  I will share a reflective tool for widening your view of what’s possible, and ideas for how to tip-toe into the unknown territory – and the freedom –  beyond your limiting habits.

**BEFORE BOOKING** – please check suitability by reading the section at the bottom of this page entitled ‘Is This Approach Suitable For Your Needs?’

TO BOOK – please email me at the address below to reserve your place, and I will send you payment information plus practical details. ADVANCE BOOKING is required as these Saturday workshops do sometimes get fully booked. Please state on the email which workshop/s you would like to attend.

PLEASE NOTE THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME is to email me at  sheilabayliss[at]gmail[dot]com  (This is written in anti-spam format – just replace the bits in brackets with the relevant symbols to convert it into my email address, and send from your email as normal).

If you can’t make these dates – for updates and to be notified about future events, sign up to my monthly mailing list on the Home page.

“It was only through coming to Sheila’s workshops that I have really learnt how to use mindfulness in my daily life.”


Drop-in Classes – Heaton Moor, South Manchester

Cost: £9 per class (cash only), suitable for beginners and regulars

Venue: The Heatons Centre (next to the library in Heaton Moor – read more about accessing the venue below)

“Sheila is so friendly and open, it makes it easy to relax and enjoy the classes. What is wonderful is how she is able to bring her own experiences to the class and help others share theirs. And her meditations are easy to settle in to.”

I usually hold a couple of evening drop-in sessions per month on a week-night (these are not every week) – see upcoming class dates below.  You don’t need to book in advance for the evening drop-in classes.  Before attending – please see the info at the bottom of this page to make sure that my approach is right for you.

Classes include some guided meditation, plus I share other tools and ideas to help you improve wellbeing. You can drop-in to the evening classes, you don’t have to commit to attending every time – just come to whichever of the scheduled dates work for you.  For beginners, these classes are a good way to dip your toe in or begin your wellbeing practice.  They are also helpful for people who already have a mindfulness practice, as a way to keep developing.  Read more about why regular classes are beneficial here.

2018 Class dates are below

Evening classes are always 7.30 – 9pm (meditation finishes at 8.30 then we have a cup of tea). I  usually run these classes a couple of times per month – these are not always on the same evening of the week, and are not always fortnightly, sometimes there is a longer gap between classes.  Upcoming dates are listed below.  Please feel free to email me if you want to check anything.

Upcoming classes in 2018:


Monday 3rd September – Conference Room

Monday 24th September – Conference Room

You will notice that we use different rooms at the centre – I always put a note on the door so you know which buzzer to press.

NB: You need to arrive before the class starts at 7.30pm – unfortunately I’m not able to come and let you in if you arrive after 7.30, as it would disrupt the class.  Please avoid pressing the buzzer after 7.30 (it’s quite loud if we are meditating). If you are unfamiliar with the venue, please see the information below, and you are very welcome to email me in advance if you need to clarify where it is.  It’s fine to arrive a little early for your first class.  You might like to bring a bottle of water to keep with you during the class.  It’s good to wear layers as body temperature can drop a little when we sit still in meditation.

For any queries – please check if your question is answered in the information below, and if not you can email me.  PLEASE NOTE THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME is to email me at  sheilabayliss[at]gmail[dot]com (This is written in anti-spam format – just replace the bits in brackets with the relevant symbols to convert it into my email address, and send from your email as normal).  Please note – I am not based at the Heatons Centre (I just rent the rooms), so their staff will not be able to answer queries about my classes.  For all questions please email me as outlined above.

This page is kept up to date and any changes to dates would be posted here.  Should I ever need to cancel a class at short notice, I would send a message via the mailing list (though this isn’t very likely – in over 3 years, I’ve only ever had to cancel once, with a couple of weeks notice).  If you sign up for my mailing list via the Home page, you’ll also receive free tips once per month, plus the upcoming class dates.  You can also follow me on social media if you want to see additional reminders (see the Contact page).

What happens in a class?

Rest assured you won’t have to sit cross-legged in silence for extended periods – you just sit in regular chairs while I guide you with instruction.  I have a different theme every time and will share an idea that you can use in daily life, with some room for discussion.  I also include a guided meditation in each class, rotating between the body scan, mindfulness with breathing and kindness meditations.  From 8.30 you can stay on for a cup of tea and a chat (or leave it there if you’re pushed for time).  

Venue Info:

The Heatons Centre is next to the Library in Heaton Moor.  The address is Thornfield Road, SK4 3LD. Upon arrival – press the buzzer for the room listed above (up to 7.30pm only as mentioned above).  You can access parking via Balmoral Road.  Heaton Chapel Station is within walking distance, and some bus routes have stops nearby.  You can find the venue on Google Maps here

For Google Maps – don’t search ‘Lollipop Wellbeing’, as it shows the registered office address – this is not where classes are held.  You can use to link above to pull up the correct Google Maps location, which is the Heatons Centre, a building managed by Signpost Stockport (the listed phone number applies to Signpost Stockport, not me).

“Sheila has a very calming and reassuring presence. She really embodies her teaching. I always find something in her classes that is relevant to my own life and meditation practice. I would recommend her class to anyone, either new to meditation or with an established practice”.


1-to-1 sessions

£30 for a 45-minute session by phone/skype.  1-to1 sessions can be helpful for people who already have a mindfulness practice, as a space to reflect and explore more deeply.   Meditation is usually best learned initially in a group setting, which is also an important part of regular ongoing practice – 1-to-1 sessions are not intended to replace practising in a class environment with others.  For those who attend my classes regularly, practice review sessions are also available at £9 for 15 minutes – these are only suitable if I know you quite well.  If you are interested in booking a 1-to-1 session, please email me at sheilabayliss[at]gmail[dot]com  (This is written in anti-spam format – just replace the bits in brackets with the relevant symbols to convert it into my email address, and send from your email as normal).  You see other ways to get in touch via the Contact page.


Is this approach suitable for your needs?

I’m trained in coaching, and in mindfulness for stress reduction, and so my classes and workshops are helpful for people suffering from stress and the anxiety associated with a busy lifestyle.  However, they are not intended to support those currently experiencing an acute or debilitating mental health condition, or severe emotional distress.  In these cases I would recommend first learning mindfulness from a counsellor or therapist who is suitably qualified to provide support.  The classes I run can be a helpful follow-on resource, once sessions with a therapist are no longer needed. I know from both professional and personal experience that to get the best long-term benefits from a mindfulness practice, it’s important to start mindfulness classes at the right time (I myself had CBT therapy and counselling before I was ready to learn mindfulness).  

If you have been diagnosed with (or suspect you suffer from) clinical depression, an anxiety disorder or a mental health condition, you can ask your GP about suitable support services or referral to a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course (MBCT) – these are usually run by therapists, and are different from the classes I offer.  You can find out more about MBCT at the Be Mindful website.

Please also note that my classes and workshops are for adults (18 years+) – I do not offer mindfulness teaching for children or young people as this requires different qualifications to the ones I hold.  The content of my classes is designed to be appropriate for adults over the age of 18. 

If you have a physical restriction (eg postural, hearing etc), please let me know so that I can suggest any relevant modifications when we sit to meditate.

If you’re unsure if my classes or workshops are right for you, I’m happy to arrange a phone chat.  To get in touch, visit the Contact page and we can set up a time to talk.

FOR ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS, you may find the following details useful – please note that the information provided below does not constitute an endorsement, and you are responsible for contacting the provider directly to check suitability for your needs.

Therapist in Heaton Moor – Polly Hammerton of Heatons Therapy can provide therapeutic support for a range of issues, and is also familiar with mindfulness-based approaches

The Counselling Rooms in Chorlton – a Community Interest Company created to provide a choice of affordable private counselling to as wide a range of people as possible.

NHS Mindfulness courses – you may find the Healthy Minds service helpful to find a course or other support provided by therapists

If you are supporting a young person – Christopher Willard’s website and books may be of interest



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