Mindfulness Classes in Heaton Moor, South Manchester


Mindfulness meditation in Manchester

See below for workshops and classes led by me – Sheila Bayliss.  Please note that my while my classes may be helpful for people experiencing stress, they are not intended for those suffering severe psychological distress.  Before attending any class or workshop, ensure that you read the info at the bottom of this page entitled ‘Is this approach suitable for your needs’? Go to the About page to find out more about mindfulness, my approach and my own experience.  To get updates and free resources – sign up for my mailing list on the Home page. If you’re not in the Manchester area but would like to attend a mindfulness course – this link might be helpful.

I am really grateful to have found Sheila and I recommend anyone searching for mindfulness to contact herEverything was within my comfort zone with no pressure. Mindfulness skills have helped me relax my busy mind and get better sleep.”


Next Manchester Workshop – Saturday 17th February 2018

‘Self-Kindness As Transformation’, at the Heatons Centre in Heaton Moor – 10am till 1pm

ADVANCED BOOKING ESSENTIAL (these Saturday workshops do sometimes get fully booked)

Cost: £25, Suitable for beginners and regulars

Mindfulness practice allows us to find a completely new way to respond to our struggles.   A key approach within the practice is to be able to turn towards these difficulties, rather than strive to avoid or escape them.  This mindful awareness is truly liberating, but the process requires courage, and a fair bit of patience with ourselves!  One of the most important tools to support us in this work is the practice of self-kindness.   When we learn to open to our own experience with compassion, our difficulties – and ourselves – can be transformed in ways we’d never have dreamed possible.  (To read more about self-kindness, see my blog Why Mindfulness Needs Kindness). In this workshop I will introduce some ways that you might begin to – or continue to – experiment with the practice of self-kindness.

In the session I will explore this theme by:

  • Sharing some ideas you can apply to your own experience
  • Leading you in some guided meditation
  • Opening up a space for reflection and discussion with others

Advance booking is essential for Saturday workshops – before booking, please read the information at the bottom of this page to check that my approach is suitable for you.  To book, please email me to reserve your place and I will send you payment information plus practical details.  You can get in touch via the Contact page.

If you can’t make this date – for updates and to be notified about future events, sign up to my monthly mailing list on the Home page.


Upcoming Daylong Session – Saturday 21st April 2018

This will take place in Heaton Moor, South Manchester.  I’m only able to run a full day session occasionally, so this may be a date to put in your diary!  More info will be posted here soon, and on the mailing list.


Drop-in Classes – Heaton Moor, South Manchester

Cost: £9 per class (cash only)

I usually hold a couple of evening drop-in sessions per month on a week-night (these are not every week) – see upcoming class dates below.  You don’t need to book in advance for the evening drop-in classes.  These classes take place at the Heatons Centre in Heaton Moor, next to the library.  Full venue details are further down.

Classes include some guided meditation, plus I share other tools and ideas to help you improve wellbeing (keep reading for more detail about what happens in a class). You can drop-in to the evening classes, you don’t have to commit to attending every time – just come to whichever of the scheduled dates work for you.  They are a great introduction for mindfulness beginners, but also useful for those who already have a practice, as a way to keep developing.  Read more about why classes are beneficial here.

2017 Class dates are below

NB: You need to arrive before the class starts at 7.30pm – unfortunately I’m not able to come and let you in if you arrive after 7.30, as it will disrupt the meditation.  Please do not ring the buzzer after 7.30.  If you are unfamiliar with the venue, you are very welcome to email me in advance for more info.  It’s fine to arrive a little early for your first class.  You might like to bring a bottle of water to keep with you during the class.

Evening classes are always 7.30-9pm and usually take place a couple of times per month. (These are not always on the same evening of the week, and are not always fortnightly, sometimes there is a longer gap between classes).  Upcoming dates are listed below.  Please feel free to email me if you want to clarify anything.

Upcoming classes in 2017:

Monday 6th November – Conference Room

Monday 20th November – Conference Room

Monday 11th December – Training Room – LAST CLASS OF 2017

Monday 8th January – Conference Room

You will notice that we use different rooms at the centre – I will also put a note on the door so you know which buzzer to press.

This page is kept up to date and any changes to dates would be posted here.  If you sign up for my mailing list via the Home page, you’ll receive the upcoming dates each month.  You can also follow me on social media if you want to see additional reminders (see the Contact page).

What happens in a class?

Rest assured you won’t have to sit cross-legged in silence for extended periods – you just sit in chairs while I guide you with instruction.  I usually include a short talk to share some ideas you can use in daily life, plus some guided meditation.  From 8.30 you can stay on for a cup of tea and a chat (or leave it there if you’re pushed for time).  Before attending – please see the info at the bottom of this page to make sure that my approach is right for you. 

Where do classes take place?

The Heatons Centre is next to the Library in Heaton Moor.  The address is Thornfield Road, SK4 3LD. Upon arrival – press the buzzer for the room listed above, which will also be indicated by a note on the door (up to 7.30pm only as previously mentioned).  You can find a venue map here – please note the phone number applies to Signpost Stockport who own the building, not me.  For any queries, please email me via the Contact page.  You can access parking via Balmoral Road.

“Feeling super-calm after Lollipop Wellbeing mindfulness meditation.  I had a wonderful evening with some lovely people”


‘Mindfulness for Stress’ course – £220


Following an in-depth programme can really help you to get the full benefits from your mindfulness practice in the long term.  This course can help you learn how to:

  • cope better with the pressures of a stressful & busy life
  • experience greater wellbeing, calm and positivity
  • use mindfulness tools in your daily life
  • develop self-kindness to build resilience
  • establish or deepen a regular meditation practice

I will next be running this course in Heaton Moor starting in May 2018.  The course takes place over 4 Saturday sessions once per fortnight, covering all the material in an 8-week mindfulness course.  Dates for the 2018 course in Heaton Moor are as below.  It is important that you would be able to attend all 4 sessions in the course:

  • Class 1 – Sat  19th May 9am-1pm
  • Class 2 – Sat  2nd June 9am-1pm
  • Class 3 – Sat  16th June 9am-1pm
  • Class 4 – Sat  30th June 9am – 4pm (longer ‘full day’ session)

Sessions are held in a venue central to Heaton Moor.  To book a provisional place on this course, please email me via the Contact page.   Please be aware that a place on the course cannot be confirmed until I have spoken to you on the phone and taken your deposit.  The payment schedule is a £50 deposit payable at the time of the booking call, with the full balance of £170 to be paid before the course starts.  

The course cost includes a full set of meditations for you to work with at home, plus a detailed handbook (a copy of ‘The Little Mindfulness Workbook’ is included with the course). The format is a double session every fortnight, so the content of all 8 weeks is covered over just 4 weekend sessions.

‘Mindfulness for Stress’ is an in-depth 8-week mindfulness course following the acclaimed Breathworks programme (I’m an accredited Breathworks teacher and associate).  It’s a great way to learn about mindfulness and self-compassion, and establish an ongoing practice.  To read a full outline of the Mindfulness for Stress course, Click here You can also read more about me and my teaching style on the About page of this website.

IMPORTANT INFO:  this course is intended to support those dealing with stress – it is not suitable for you if you are currently suffering acute depression or an anxiety disorder (for more info, scroll to the bottom of this page).

“Thank you for delivering such an informative, calm and insightful course. I feel like I’ve learnt loads and I really enjoyed every minute of it”

“I found the work with the group invaluable…I have a framework for the rest of my life”

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Is this approach suitable for your needs?

As a teacher of mindfulness for stress reduction, I don’t offer support for psychological issues that require guidance from a suitably qualified health professional. My classes and workshops may be helpful for worry, stress and overwhelm – but they are not designed to support anyone experiencing severe emotional distress.  If you have been diagnosed with (or suspect you suffer from) clinical depression, an anxiety disorder or a mental health condition, you can ask your GP about suitable support services or referral to a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course (MBCT) – these are not the classes I offer.  For further information about types of mindfulness courses, see the section ‘What is mindfulness?’ on the About page.  Please also note that my classes and workshops are for adults – I do not currently offer mindfulness teaching for children.

If you’re unsure if my classes or workshops are right for you, I’m happy to arrange a phone chat.  To get in touch, visit the Contact page and we can set up a time to talk.


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