About Sheila Bayliss

Hello, I’m Sheila – I created Lollipop Wellbeing to provide accessible resources for people wishing to reduce stress or improve wellbeing.  I believe that you don’t need to remove all our difficulties to find more ease and confidence, that it is possible to thrive even when things get bumpy!  We can learn to see life differently, and discover a new freedom that we didn’t previously know was possible.

Using approaches rooted in coaching, mindfulness and self-kindness, I help people learn how to respond more positively to the challenges of being human. This life is an ongoing growth journey, and my commitment is to sharing tools and practices that support positive change. 

I am particularly passionate about the  power of self-kindness for building emotional confidence – from both my own experience and seeing the impact on the hundreds of people I’ve taught.  Being human isn’t always easy, but becoming more fully human can be deeply liberating.  You can find posts about my own experiences at my blog

I hold classes and workshops in Heaton Moor, South Manchester that are suitable for all levels.  You can read a bit more about me at the bottom of this page, including my personal story and my qualifications.

For class details, see the Prices page.   If you’re not in Manchester, you might like to check out my book  ‘Mindfulness Inspiration: 50+ Ideas for Mindful Living(click here to view on Amazon), or take a look at the free resources on the home page.

“I highly recommend Sheila’s classes, and really enjoy her approach to mindfulness with kindness.  I have found her meditation classes very beneficial in my everyday life – I have noticed that I am more aware of my feelings and thoughts and am responding to issues in my life differently.”

 “The most powerful thing from sessions with Sheila has got to be my positive mindset changes”


About My Approach

I’m qualified in both mindfulness teaching and personal coaching.  I’ve been practising mindfulness for myself since 2008.  Everything I share is drawn from personal experience aswell as the many people I’ve taught – so I know it works!  I strongly believe in laying a solid foundation of self-kindness to boost the impact of mindfulness, and this approach is weaved into all of my work.  In addition, I use my coaching skills to create accessible tools for living mindfully – without doing sitting meditation (or alongside it if you want to do both).  My aim with drop-in classes and workshops is to share some of these ideas, and help you come up with your own.  My approach isn’t too prescriptive, encouraging you to uncover and follow your own natural wisdom as you experiment to find your own path.

People typically experience these kind of changes as they engage with my approach over time:

Positivity is boosted by learning how to move from ‘avoid’ to ‘approach’ mode.  Mindful coaching tools provide a framework for opening up to life more fully, and being able to bounce back when you get knocked.

Calm is accessed by choosing a new response to challenges.  Mindful awareness grows as you explore your personal experience, and then create your own strategies for greater ease and wellbeing.

Confidence is increased through bringing awareness to how you cope with difficulty.   By learning how to lean into self-kindness during challenging experiences, a new resilience can be discovered. 

Of course, none of these changes happen overnight.  We are learning to replace habitual patterns that have been laid down over decades, and we need to give ourselves permission to make change slowly – in fact, gradual change can be more effective in the long term than sudden changes.  It’s important to recognise that wellbeing practice is most transformative when we can make an ongoing commitment to that journey.  I support people at all stages of this journey, as they experiment with a range of practices to support their ongoing growth.

What people say about working with me

You’ll see various quotes featured throughout the site, and here are a few more comments from those I’ve worked with and taught in classes:

  • “I’m feeling so much calmer and more joyful”
  • “I feel like I know myself better now, look after myself more and I am much happier with who I am”
  • “Life is easier, more fun & less stressful”
  • “I have discovered techniques that have really worked for me… to find a greater sense of calm and inner belief and self confidence”
  • “Sheila was very supportive and insightful”
  • “Your approach is supportive and non-judgmental – thank you”

Sometimes people wonder if what I do is the same as therapy.  The answer is no.  I’m a trained coach with solid experience of teaching mindfulness, but I’m not a therapist.  I’ve taught hundreds of people to use mindfulness and self-kindness in their own lives, to reduce stress and build emotional confidence.  This approach involves being very human, it can help you to work with uncomfortable feelings, and it can be deeply healing.  But it is not intended to address debilitating mental health issues – to read more below about whether I might be a good fit for your needs, visit the section called ‘Is This Approach Suitable for Your Needs?’ on the Prices page (scroll to the bottom), or click here for the same info.  My qualifications and experience are listed in ‘A bit about me’.

For session dates, costs and booking, see the Prices page.  For more info, here are a few common FAQs…


What is your approach based on?

I share from a mix of approaches including coaching, mindfulness, self-kindness, meditation and other awareness practices.  Together, these foster 3 levels of development – mental awareness, emotional awareness and body awareness.  I support people in creating, maintaining and deepening their own personal wellbeing practice.  What this practice looks like is unique to each individual, and includes whatever helps to navigate the experience of being human, with all its joys and challenges.  This practice may include meditation, but I also share ways to work with mindfulness, self-kindness and awareness outside of sitting meditation.  You can read more about my training and qualifications below in ‘A Bit About Me’.


What do you mean by ‘practice’?

When I talk about ‘practice’, this can be viewed in two ways.  There is the sense of your overall practice – the ongoing journey, which could be seen as a commitment to your own long-term development.  This larger meaning of ‘practice’ can also be broken down into the individual practices that it is composed of:  these are the things that you do on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly or even annually) to engage with and support that self-development.  Some examples of these practices would be meditation, journalling, time in nature, attending classes, mindfulness exercises, reflection etc


What is mindfulness? 

I share mindfulness with a strong emphasis on kindness and compassion (including self-kindness, which is extremely powerful in helping us cope with difficulty).  Through learning to be with all of our experience – even the difficult parts – we build emotional confidence.  You can find my answer to the question ‘What Is Mindfulness?’ hereAlthough practising meditation will greatly enhance the benefits of mindfulness, many people experience significant change through using mindful awareness tools in daily life.  If you’re not quite ready for regular meditation, but you want to develop a more mindful response to worry, stress and overwhelm – you can still learn to live more mindfully in everyday life.  I share tips on how to do this in my classes, in my book and via my monthly mailing list – you can sign up for free emails on the Home page.


What is coaching?

A coach is someone who supports and encourages you to make your own discoveries about personal growth.  As a coach, I hold a space for you to reflect on and explore your own experience of being human.  The frameworks and tools that I share can stimulate this reflection, and give you something to take away into your own life, something to put into practice.  My presence can also act like a mirror – it can be really powerful to hear ourselves express something of importance, or having someone else notice how we are growing (it can be easy to ‘miss’ where we’re already making progress).

“These materials are really helpful and encouraging. They are really going to help me with my practice over the next months”.


Can you recommend a book?

If you want to read more about what mindfulness and self-kindness are all about, my Top 10 Reading List might interest you.  My own book ‘Mindfulness Inspiration’ contains practice ideas for daily life.


Who attends your classes?

My sessions are attended by both women and men, people who are seeking positive change in their lives, and who are curious about new ways of being.  The classes are for adults only (18yrs+).  In most of my classes, you’ll find a range of experience – from people who are complete meditation beginners, to regular attendees who have been working with these practices for a number of years.  I always state on the class description if a session isn’t open to beginners.  If you’re ready to explore wellbeing practices that foster openness, peacefulness and confidence, you may like to give it a go.   For more information about my classes, go to the Prices page for my class schedule in Heaton Moor, South Manchester. 

“I have previously struggled with meditation, but I found that Sheila’s session brought me a deeper sense of being, of relaxation”

A bit about me

My philosophy is that you can’t control what happens in life, but you can choose a positive response.  I had always suffered with stress and anxiety, and had tried pretty much every self-help book going.  By the time I hit my 30s, I was frustrated to find myself still struggling with the same old issues.  I had a seemingly impressive (but also demanding) job in the TV industry, but I was miserable.  Then when I also started experiencing recurrent miscarriages, my stress levels became unmanageable.   I was lucky enough to stumble across a mindfulness course, which was the beginning of my journey in building up my own meditation practice. 

Learning mindfulness and self-kindness was a total game-changer for me in terms of how I respond to difficult feelings like anxiety, sadness and self-criticism. After leaving my job, I felt very fortunate that we eventually became parents when our little boy arrived.  In terms of my career – I had always enjoyed helping my staff to manage their stress, and with a background in volunteer helpline work, it felt important to me to find a way to support others dealing with worry, stress and overwhelm.

I re-trained as a coach and gained a Diploma in Personal Coaching which enabled me to help clients feel more calm and emotionally confident.  As my personal mindfulness practice developed, it also felt natural to want to share this with others, so I also completed the Breathworks mindfulness teacher training (which has a strong emphasis on the kindness element of mindfulness).  After qualifying, I was invited by Breathworks to teach some of their ‘Mindfulness For Stress’ courses in central Manchester.  Over recent years I have taught hundreds of people to use mindfulness and self-kindness in their daily lives.

These days I rely on my own meditation practice to help me meet the difficulties that life inevitably throws up, and to balance all the things that are important to me.  In my personal practice, I continue to receive regular guidance from experienced meditation teachers who draw on ancient traditions that have much to offer modern human beings.

You can read plenty about me and my journey from reading my blogs – check out the links on the Home page.  In the past I have written blogs about how mindfulness and self-compassion helped me cope with infertility and loss – these are available in the book Mindfulness, Infertility and Loss:  A Personal Story


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